Rules / Guidelines

A quick breakdown on our Rules, Theme and Target Audience!

The Guidelines and Side Notes!

The Guidelines (Rules)

  • 01. Use Common Sense.
  • 02. Active users can play music. No AutoJoin or Anti-AFK.
  • 03. Be respectful to everyone and keep chat in English only.
  • 04. Keep content clean. No NSFW content allowed. This includes usernames.
  • 05. Don’t ask for staff.
  • 06. No Mini-Modding allowed.
  • 07. Give staff a chance to help users first. Do not interrupt!
  • 08. No begging for PP (plugPoints), Subscriber, Moves or Skips.
  • 09. Stay classy! Keep the flirting and dirty talk to a decent level.
  • 10. Do not call out or comment on users mehing/downvoting.
  • 11. Do not play mixes consisting of multiple songs. (Please note this is mixes, not remixes, mashups or bootlegs etc).

Side Notes

  • - Emote text /em and /me are disabled for regular users
  • - Songs in History are automatically skipped
  • - Blacklisted tracks are automatically skipped
  • - Songs longer than 8 minutes will be skipped after the limit
  • - We have theme days. Please stick to them. Theme is noted in welcome message
  • - If the majority of your chat messages are flirts/pointless commands (such as spamming !treat) you will be muted with or without a warning. Repeat offenders banned.
  • - Using the bot to delete your own chat message will get you muted either by staff or automatically by the bot
  • - Songs that do not have the correct labeling, such as mismatched Artist, Title information, will be skipped.
  • - We like normal chat, DON'T USE CAPS LOCK! (Excessive capital letters in chat will get deleted)
  • - Do not all jump in to help users, if a user is getting help/advice, please leave them to it.

Various Genres Detailed

Various means a wide range of genres in Radiant. You can play almost anything you like! Most things played are EDM, Rock and Pop. However, we do have a list of Genres that are Not Allowed and are as as follows;

Nightcore, Nightstep, Hardcore, All Metal, Screamo, Country, Folk, "Gun Sync", Parody, Seasonal, Gaming and Bass Boosted.

We also skip anything that is of low quality, private, or if unavailable for some countries and has no "alternative" options.

This list is subject to change, under discretion of the community staff members to add or remove genres as they see fit.

Our Target Audience

At Radiant Music, we love to welcome all users into our community. However, some content that is shown could be considered unsuitable for all ages. Because of this, we advise that while everyone is welcome to join us, our target age is 16 years and over. All users should be advised that there may be profanity and slight NSFW (not safe for work) content. User Guidelines

User Accounts

  • - requires that all of its users are aged 13 years or over.
  • - Users may not create more than one active user account.
  • - Usernames must not contain offensive content.
  • - Your username may not impersonate another person.

Sharing Video and Music Content

Users are responsible for the video and music content that they share. Shared content may not contain violence, pornographic or obscene content or anything that may otherwise be considered objectionable.

Communicating on

The chat system is to communicate with each other while in a community. It is mportant that this system is used in a responsible manner.

  • - Users must not attack or harass other individuals or groups based on race, religion, gender or other defining groups.
  • - The chat system must not be used for soliciting business, spam or other commercial services unless express permission is given by
  • - Content which may be obscene, threatening, violent or in any other way objectionable must not be shared in the chat.

Where users are found to have gone against any of the terms of use, reserves the right to suspend, ban or terminate a user account.

Resident DJs (RDJs) of Radiant

Resident DJs are users who have been coming on nearly everyday being active and talkative within the community, showing that they are a true part of Radiant. They are those who are following the rules and being considered a 'gem' inside our community.

RDJs are set based on a few key factors;

  • - Following the Radiant Community rules as a user, this includes "mini-modding".
  • - Being active, talkative, a regular visitor to the community for long durations, or at least is known and well respected by all.

RDJs are subject to change. RDJs must abide by the rules set within these guidelines. RDJs are considered the face of the Radiant Community.

RDJs are not above board and are still liable for mutes and bans accordingly if not following the rules of the Radiant Community (as a user).

Details on Mini-Modding and Helping

Minimodding is trying to enforce rules that you can't/don't have permission to enforce, such as telling users to stop spamming or to speak english. We say that the Radiant Team have precedence over users and RDJs. If a user comes into the community and asks us a question about anything related to Radiant, we should be the first responders. What we do not want to see, is loads of people all jumping in to answer one persons question.

The rules around helping or assisting users;

  • - Give staff a chance to help users first. Don't interrupt if a user is already getting help.
  • - Staff have priority over RDJ + Users for responding to questions. If you have any concerns, please contact the team via the form.
  • - Users must not jump in to answer, or add their responses to already answered (or being answered) questions. The staff need time to read, understand and type their message, users should not rush to answer a question, doing so should and must be punished accordingly.
  • - Users must not undermine the staff or question their actions.
  • - Do not answer a question for someone if it was addressed to someone else, unless they are confirmed AFK.

Users and RDJs who do not respect the rules, will be warned, muted, banned. RDJs that are repeat offenders will be demoted without warning


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