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Please read carefully

Please fill in every section honestly and in as much detail as possible. We take on new team members as and when we need them, if you do not get a reply within two weeks, your application could potentially be on hold till we have positions available to fill.

Word of Warning: Please make sure you save a copy before you send it, there have been reports in the past where people have sent us an application but we failed to recieve it. This also means that you get to keep a copy for your records of what you sent to us.

Job Description

All of the Team

The entire staff can work together with room interaction and moderation, starting conversations that invite all members to join in, being polite and remaining calm with users. Address to those that are breaking rules, giving them 3 chances.

Everyone can work on promotion too, we would like for Radiant to be a community that has a high user count on a regular bases. There are easy ways of promoting Radiant; Sharing a link with friends Posting in social network groups, explaining what Radiant is about and what you can gain by joining us.

Planning events - Events are special occasions where you can have a certain genre for a few hours, invite artists to create a mix and present it live or have new releases they can show off for the community.


You are assigned to watch over the plug community. Moderating the chat, making sure users understand the community rules, no arguments happening for the wrong reasons and getting out of control. If you are to try and tell users to stop breaking the rules, remain polite to them, address the rules they are breaking and give them 3 chances to sort themselves out.

You should also be making sure the video/audio being played is working, safe for work and not blacklisted. If songs are unavailable, you should use the lockskip command to skip the user and have them moved up the waitlist to 3rd by LiteBot or ask a manager to do this if LiteBot is not working. If the song not being skipped manually when finished you should skip the current DJ.

You can use LiteBot to help you moderate the community, it already has a word filter system that blocks racist comments, people asking for fans, and advertising other communities and much more. You can mute users with LiteBot that are being an issue in the community to avoid banning them which will allow them to calm down.

Thank you!

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