Join us on our own Teamspeak Server!

Come to chat

Talk to the loving and friendly community

We created a Teamspeak server that everyone is welcome to use. Create your own channels, invite your friends, start friendships!

The Server Details

  • Server Address:
  • Nickname: [Put what you want here]
  • Server Password: snailislife

Tip Once you have connected, you can save our server to your bookmarks! Just click "Bookmarks > Add Bookmarks" from the menu bar! (Or make it a bookmark first then connect through that!)

How to Use

  1. Go and visit Teamspeak
  2. Click the green download button
  3. Accept their ToS and skip the survey
  4. Once downloaded, install the software, by running "TeamSpeak3-Client-win32-3.0.16.exe". (Or something similar)
  5. Run the newly installed Teamspeak Client software
  6. Click "Connections > Connect" on the menu bar (Or press Ctrl+S)
  7. Enter the details of our server

Tip We also recommend you play around with your settings afterwards to ensure your microphone and speakers/headphones are set up correctly. Make sure you do not have any sound issues prior to connecting to the lobby. You can change all your settings and preferences by clicking "Settings > Options" in the menu bar.


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