LiteBot is an advanced and sophisticated moderation bot for

Overpowered, complicated, sassy.

LiteBot is a moderation bot that helps to watch over our community.

It helps us to make sure that rules are followed and that the chat is monitored at all times. The original LiteBot was created by TAT and was developed till it's end of life by Origin, Henchman, Yemasthui and xBytez. She has been rewritten by xBytez and Origin and she is currently maintained by xBytez, Origin and Dazzuh. The amazing features of LiteBot are what helps to make Radiant Music awesome!

LiteBot's Features


Advanced commands and permissions system.

AFK Check System

Sophisticated AFK warning and checking.


Automated skipping of certain tracks.

Automatic History Skip

Keeps track of song history, keeping it fresh.

Chat Filter

Complex array of filters within the chat.

Vote to Skip

Automatic skip on certain amount of 'Mehs'.

Grief/Troll Protection

A huge choice of protection methods.

Socket Server

Expanding data retention

Warning System

Warnings to ensure users are banned properly.

Automatic DC Lookup

Places users back into the waitlist after they left.

Cool Extras

Cookies, Treats, Pie, Insults and more.

Lock/Cycle Guard

Automated control over the settings in the community.

Anti Double-Skip

Ensuring staff cannot attempt to skip someone twice.


Will force skip tracks if they don't themselves.

Complete Control

You can turn on/off any feature of LiteBot.


Based on Twitch.TV, will prevent communication.

Disconnection Guard Advanced!

If it disconnects, it will reload itself back in.

Customized UI

A completely different (and lightweight) User Interface.

Automatic Split Chat

Extra long messages are split within it's own function


Waitlist Roulette, Kick Roulette, Lottery and more soon!


Prevents certain commands being called too quickly!

You can find the updated command list at


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